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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Which Board is Best?

When it comes to ed tech (at least in elementary schools), it seems the electronic whiteboards are what's up.

"Futuresource noted that 557,000 interactive whiteboards were shipped in 2008, a 32 percent increase over 2007. More than two million interactive whiteboards are now installed worldwide, and the product category continues to exhibit strong growth. Futuresource forecasts that the global installed base will triple over the next five years to more than seven million. The consulting firm also predicts that one out of every five classrooms worldwide will have an interactive whiteboard by the end of 2013."

SMART reports that they are the leading provider - more than doubling the sales of competition like Promethean, eInstruction and Mimio.

A major difference between SMART and Promethean/other options is that SMART allows you to use your hands rather than a pen. Most offer interactive tools for students - including "clickers" to answer questions or teacher and/or students "notebooks" to control what goes on the board from around the classroom. Each option has different software available. Mimio and e-Beam use a projector on a real white board to do the same work.
Most reviews say comparing the two is like comparing Coke and Pepsi; it all comes down to your taste.
So I'm going to put it out to you: which board is best? Take the poll or share your pick in the comments section!
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