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Friday, April 24, 2020

Today's Teacher Pick: The Coin-u-lator

I just think this is cool:

For the last few days, I've been doing research on the stimulus and how schools will use this money to shake things up. While I was looking around, I found the Coin-u-lator. How awesome it that?!?
Product specs tout the Coin-u-lator as: a hand-held, coin-counting calculator that makes counting money fun and easy. This breakthrough invention in counting coins was patented by a special education teacher for students of all ages... Two fun games help teach money values as players match random money amounts on the large LCD screen. An “Oops” button allows the user to undo the last entry and try again.
Kristyn Beck, starter of the wiki page EDT500 is all about it too.
At first glance, this may appear to be a primary education tool, but the Coin-U-Lator would be an excellent resource in learning support, life-skills, and autistic support classrooms (at any age level). The Coin-U-Lator was actually designed and patented by a special education teacher in 1998 (PCI Education).
Sorry for the infommercial. I swear I'm not getting any money off this, but I just want to play with the coin-u-lator.
What fun edu-toys are you currently coveting? Share in the comments section! (You may want to give this some thought anyway b/c your supervisors might be asking these same questions when the sprint toward stimulus spending starts next month).

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