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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Scholarship idea: One year for good behavior

Last week, the Chicago Tribune reported a scholarship idea that struck me as something with real potential to make big change. Illinois state rep Mike Boland is proposing a plan that gets to kids early and makes college a realistic expectation.
In Boland's proposal, 8th graders and their families would sign a pledge that the student would maintain a C average and would avoid getting suspended or arrested. In exchange, the state would pay the first year's tuition at an Illinois community college or an equivalent sum toward tuition at any institution of higher education in Illinois. Full story
Boland is working on funding plans for the $25 million program. While claiming he won't got after tax dollars, Boland thinks he can raise revenue by increasing fines for charges like DUIs or shoplifting.

Provided the money comes together, I'm interested in seeing how this works. It continually stuns me that there are kids out there who don't consider college a possibility and I think this could be a way of changing that outlook.

Isn't the biggest struggle getting students to care about their education and their future? If you go into high school knowing you have a partial scholarship to college, how could you not be more invested in your education? You've got the money, now you just need to grades, right?

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